A visual novel game 

About a design student’s daily life. Utilizing elements of the uncanny valley to produce an introductory horror game.

︎play here (COMING SOON!)

This is a visual novel horror game I designed in my last year of YSDN. It presents as a introduction to horror games for those looking to get into it but are the weak of heart. Additionally, it familiarizes the player (you) with time management and decision making skills.

I made this game because I wanted a horror game that removed sterotypical scare tatics and used uncanny valley elements instead. This way, the player isn’t startled immediately but gradually. 

I made every design element in illustrator ( UI, characters, backgrounds, clock, etc) and put them into Unity with it’s Fungus plug-in to make the game playable on PC and Mac. The complex coding was done by a friend to help me achieve the time elements of the game. 

This is an example of the design elements from my game. Starting off, is the first choices the player can make during their morning routine. The player only has two hours so they can only pick so many options before they have to leave. Doing this teachers time management to the player and forces them to choose wisely. 

Here are the next two scenes: the bus ride and a character encounter during the player’s first day of class.

Full-screen images without the UI elements. Made completely in illustrator.