An abandoned typeface, set for old and worn environments


Typeface design

Elysium, derived from Greek mythology, it refers to the concept of the afterlife that developed over time. This refers to the alternate characters that this typeface comes with. This typeface has a low and stern voice with a hint of authority, like a old wise-man found hiding in the forest awaiting to give you knowledge. However, depending on what this typeface is used for, it can also have a creepy, stalker like tone to it if the alternate set is used. 

The function for this typeface is to be used on wooden plank boards placed around the amusement park that has been remodeled. It can also be used as a display typeface for other situations. The alternate set can be used in creepy themes and scenarios as a display font.

Elysium at various point sizes as reference and font guide. 

This typeface was designed for display and outdoor use in an abandoned and overgrown amusement park, turned into a tourist attraction. This typeface could be carved out of wooden planks and placed around the park. It is meant for medium to long-range reading.