About me!

My name is Shannon Van Staden and I’m a junior graphic designer & illustrator, located in Hamilton, ON.

I graduated York / Sheridan’s Bachelor’s of Design in April 2020. I will be seeking employment as a Graphic Designer, mid March 2021

My postsecondary experience:

Before my studies as a YSDN  student, I completed one year of Art Fundamentals (2016) and two years of Visual and Creative Arts (VCA) (2016 - 2017) at Sheridan College. Those programs taught me the basics of Fine Arts and refined my skills in art and illustration.

During my time in VCA, I took a graphic design course in my final year with Todd Barsanti who was an amazing professor. It was then, I decided graphic design was best suited for a my career path. Thus, leading to my enrollment in YSDN.
I am the type of designer that includes my artistic abilities whenever possible to produce charming illustrations in my design work. I like to include illustrations in my work because it adds an extra element for an engaging and interesting story to the design and product.

I believe designs that tell a story through a combination of illustration and typography, give it a special quality that the viewers can resonate with.


Email: shannonvs18@gmail.com

Phone: 905-517-8825